The Méli-Mémots tournament goes virtual!

June 16, 2021

The Méli-Mémots tournament goes virtual!

The first-ever Méli-Mémots tournament to be held virtually will be presented in a new format from June 16 to 18. This year, more than 210 students bursting with creative energy have been exploring the world of poetry with the CSPGNO’s poet-in-residence, Antoine Côté Legault.

Méli-Mémots is a program that provides a Francophone creative space for grade 3 students, including combined classes of grades 2 and 3 and grades 3 and 4. Together, students will get to explore an amazing new world of language through friendly competition designed for fun, but also for the development of spelling skills and vocabulary.

With the help of Antoine Côté Legault, the CSPGNO shares its passion for reading, oral expression and creative writing. This learning objective is achieved through great fun and fascinating language games based on word play, letter substitutions, flurries of rhymes, rebus riddles, “who am I” questions, and the “great elastic sentence challenge”.

For the past five weeks, students have been attending introduction to poetry workshops hosted by the CSPGNO’s poet-in-residence Antoine Côté Legault, a.k.a. the Ninja of Elastic Sentences, and together they have been training for the Méli-Mémots tournament.

Antoine Côté Legault is an author, creator and writing consultant with a passion for theatre and poetry. He has collaborated with many Franco-Ontarian theatre companies. With his own company, La Bibitte, he has written and performed Corps à corps and Le gars qui voulait se faire phénix, works since published by Prise de parole. Méli-Mémots allows him to share his passion for the French language, which is now making inroads into the imagination of CSPGNO students.

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Carole Dubé,

Director of Communications, CSPGNO

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