The CSPGNO honours its employees

June 23, 2021

The CSPGNO honours its employees

At its regular meeting held in Sudbury on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021, the Conseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario (CSPGNO) extended congratulations and thanks to a number of its staff members.

The Board began its meeting by recognizing the staff members who are on the threshold of a new stage in their lives, retirement.

Director of Education Marc Gauthier thanked the retiring staff members for their outstanding commitment to students and their remarkable contribution to the school board. The Board recognized the role these persons have played in the lives of countless students and others throughout the school board. They are sources of inspiration for their students and colleagues and they have left their mark in the history of French-language public education in Ontario.

The CSPGNO expresses its warmest thanks to each and every one of these staff members for their exceptional work, which has not gone unnoticed. The Board salutes the following employees and wishes them health and happiness in their well-deserved retirement.

Monique Aubin, teacher, É. p. de la Découverte

Barbara Breault, superintendent, Head office

Jo-Anne Dumont, teacher, CAVLFO

Marlène Gosselin, teacher, É. s. Macdonald-Cartier

Jacques Grylls, teacher, É. s. Macdonald-Cartier

Marguerite Mbonimpa, teacher, É. p. Foyer-Jeunesse

Lise Michaud, principal, É. s. l’Orée des Bois

Brian Philipow, principal, É. s. Macdonald-Cartier

Lucie Sauvé, coordinator, École publique virtuelle du CSPGNO

Louise Turgeon, human ressources administrative assistant, Head office

The Board also recognized the merit and exceptional performance of certain staff members for their contributions to the development of children and youth in CSPGNO schools. Three awards of excellence are presented annually to recognize the work of staff members who, through their attitude and efforts, uphold the school board’s mission, vision and values and thus contribute to its success.

The Étoile de l’accueil (Star of Congeniality) Award is presented to a CSPGNO employee who exemplifies the school board’s values in the workplace and beyond, in particular the values of respect, appreciation and collaboration. The 2021 Étoile de l’accueil award is presented to Ms. Kayla St-Onge, early childhood educator at École publique Pavillon-de-l’Avenir in Chelmsford. Ms. St-Onge puts heart and commitment into her role at the school. Always smiling, Ms. St-Onge warmly welcomes all students on their arrival at the school and at Place des jeunes. With kindness, generosity and contagious energy, she creates a friendly atmosphere where every child can feel valued and appreciated. She mingles with students during play time in order to learn their interests and builds a close relationship with every one of them. Ms. St-Onge makes a huge difference in the lives of children. In her eyes, all of the children she works with are little treasures who deserve encouragement and love. Her smile and her love for children make her an outstanding model for the entire school community.

The Étoile de l’engagement (Star of Commitment) Award is presented to a CSPGNO employee who displays openness, integrity and ongoing commitment in work-related duties and beyond. The 2021 Étoile de l’engagement award is presented to Ms. Tania Reid Watson, principal of École secondaire Cité-Supérieure in Marathon. Ms. Reid Watson is appreciated for her open mind and innovative ideas. She is always looking for new projects that can help her students to learn and succeed. To draw out the strengths and talents of every student, she developed experience-based learning programs for her school, as well as modified class schedules to offer a variety of courses in different areas to help students transition successfully to the postsecondary level. Energetic and outgoing, Ms. Reid Watson encourages her students and staff to reach new heights and think outside the box. In everything she does, she demonstrates authenticity and continued commitment.

The Étoile de l’innovation (Star of Innovation) award is presented to a staff member in recognition of leadership and innovative work processes. The 2021 Étoile de l’innovation award is presented to Mr. Stéphane Paquette, a CSPGNO cultural mediator. Over the course of the school year, Mr. Paquette has produced 30 short videos under the banner Vous l’savez astheure (So now, you know), which aim to present Indigenous personalities who have made their mark on history, as well as significant moments that shaped the history of Canada and its indigenous people. With his creativity, personal experience and great talent for storytelling, Mr. Paquette has raised awareness and appreciation for Indigenous culture among students, staff and the wider school community and highlighted its fundamental role in creating and developing our country. Mr. Paquette is certainly an exemplary figure for us all.

It is with great pleasure that the CSPGNO congratulates the winners of this year’s awards of excellence. Their passion and commitment towards the CSPGNO makes them worthy recipients of these prestigious awards.

Recognized for its keen sense of innovation and openness to the world, CSPGNO offers a French-language public education of the highest quality in thirteen elementary schools and eight secondary schools in the communities of Markstay, Noëlville, Greater Sudbury, Elliot Lake, Sault Ste. Marie, Wawa, Dubreuilville, Marathon, Manitouwadge and Longlac.