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A leader in new educational approaches, CSPGNO offers programs that fulfill the changing needs of students from year to year. Recognized for its human approach and inclusive values, CSPGNO is in a league of its own offering innovative and creative teaching that promotes open-minded thinking.

Through its commitment to excellence, CSPGNO provides its students with leading-edge educational programs that far exceed the expectations of traditional education. Its vision of contemporary learning and its methods of curriculum delivery allow students to experience exceptional and memorable learning opportunities. The CSPGNO’s International Baccalaureate, school of trades, intermediate schools, resiliency program, before and after-school programs, in-school child care centres, AVAN program (bring your own digital device), 4th Dimension program, as well as its dynamic cultural activities such as Radio-Chaud, its theatre group Les Draveurs and its pop-rock band Groupe 17, are just some of the reasons why the CSPGNO is the number one choice for students from kindergarten to grade 12.

“We believe in CSPGNO schools because there are many opportunities for our children to become bilingual. French schools provide a very good learning environment.”

— Murray Watson father

“They accepted our anglicized family allowing us to expand our children’s horizons and reclaim our cultural heritage.”

— Joanna Flynn mother
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    From Cirque du Soleil to the Olympics by way of Harvard and the Junos, our students are everywhere.

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